Our jdb电子官方网站生课程 are a fantastic way to widen your career prospects. You can gain detailed knowledge of a particular area that you find interesting with our diverse postjdb电子官方网站生 degree programmes.

We encourage you to take a look at jdb电子官方网站的课程 而且 jdb电子官方网站学位 to find the right one for you. 你也可以了解更多 jdb电子官方网站生资助 或者发现jdb电子官方网站即将到来的 jdb电子官方网站生的事件.














考虑上大学? 这是一个重要的决定,jdb电子官方网站的工作人员会在这里提供帮助. Our jdb电子官方网站生的事件 give you the opportunity to ask questions 而且 find the answers you need to make an informed choice.


The discount scheme is open to jdb电子官方网站生s of the jdb电子游戏 (UON) who enrol on a full Master’s programme with us. Qualifying students will receive 20% discount on the full tuition fee for their Master’s course.


  • A postjdb电子官方网站生 degree qualification is the next level after a bachelor’s degree. Our jdb电子官方网站生课程 give you the opportunity to study in a lot more depth the subjects you studied during your bachelor degree.

    jdb电子官方网站提供全日制和远程教育(DL) jdb电子官方网站生课程 而且 jdb电子官方网站学位. 如果你是全日制学生, your postjdb电子官方网站生 course will usually be shorter than an underjdb电子官方网站生 course. 平均来说,完成这些需要一年的时间. With 远程学习 courses, the course duration might be slightly longer.

    The best way 了解更多 about our jdb电子官方网站生课程 is to come 而且 speak to us. We have dedicated postjdb电子官方网站生 drop-in sessions at all of our 开放的日子 throughout the year.

    在这些会话, you can speak to our postjdb电子官方网站生 representatives from the Faculty in which you’re looking to study. 你可以找到更多关于本课程的信息, ask any specific queries 而且 see the facilities 而且 services we offer, 包括一个 参观校园.

    请访问jdb电子官方网站的 jdb电子官方网站生活动页面 to find out when the next jdb电子官方网站生-drop in session will take place.

  • jdb电子官方网站把你放在第一位. We dedicate a lot of our time 而且 research into making sure you have the best experience you can whilst studying. We’re a modern institution that is changing 而且 evolving to suit modern day needs 而且 developments, 比如在线学习和工作实习.

    To learn more about the benefits of of studying a postjdb电子官方网站生 degree with us, take a look at our 选择jdb电子官方网站页面的首要原因.

  • We have put together a list of our frequently asked questions about postjdb电子官方网站生 study to easily help you find the answer you need.


    On average, courses expect an underjdb电子官方网站生 degree award of 2.1以上. 每一道菜都是不同的, so please check the entry requirements on the course that you’re interested in.


    Our jdb电子官方网站生课程 can be studied on a Full time, Part-time or 远程学习 basis. 请查看 jdb电子官方网站的课程 而且 filter by postjdb电子官方网站生 to find the right course for you.



    • MA/MSc Full-time 12 months / Part-time 24 months / 远程学习 12-36 month
    • 全职18-36个月/兼职36-48个月
    • 博士全日制3-4年/兼职5-6年


    The decision to study part-time or full-time is a personal one. It is dependent on how you like to study 而且 how you can fit in your studies around your personal life 而且 other commitments.

    A full-time course can be more intensive 而且 is normally completed within 12 months. 兼职课程可以分成24个月.

    We would advise you to look at your personal circumstances 而且 decide which study option best suits you. 无论你是决定全职学习还是兼职学习, our aim is to help you get the very best out of University through excellent teaching 而且 helpful support.

    What is the difference between taught 而且 research based postjdb电子官方网站生 study?

    A taught postjdb电子官方网站生 (PG) course is very similar to underjdb电子官方网站生 study. 它有研讨会、讲座和作业. Whereas a research based postjdb电子官方网站生 course, such as a PhD, is a lot more independent. You will have tutorials but it will be mainly focused on your thesis with your supervisor.

    On average, a taught PG course is 12 months full-time or 24 months part-time. A research PG course can take 18-36 months full-time or 36-48 months part-time.


    jdb电子官方网站有很多校园和城市 住宿. 这通常是为jdb电子官方网站的本科生保留的, but you are more than welcome to live in halls of residence as well.

    jdb电子官方网站还有一个列表 批准私人住宿如果你不愿意住在大厅里.

    If you want to speak to someone further about halls of residence, please email 住宿: 住宿@foalcreepsystem.com.


    是的,你可以. 你所需要做的就是给 admissions@foalcreepsystem.com 与你的要求. Someone from the team will get in touch with you to discuss your circumstances further.

  • If you’re an international student considering postjdb电子官方网站生 study with us, 请在下面找到一些常见问题的答案.


    Yes, but you must have the correct visa in which to do this.

    How do I apply for a postjdb电子官方网站生 degree as an international student?

    When applying for a postjdb电子官方网站生 course, you’ll need to apply directly to the university. You can do this through our website, 而且 apply for your specific course. 有些大学要求交申请费.

    请参阅jdb电子官方网站的 如何申请网页 的更多信息.


    每门课程都有自己的入学要求. 一般来说,大多数jdb电子官方网站生课程寻找的是:

    • 对于一个受过教育的大师, you will need a qualification that is comparable to a UK underjdb电子官方网站生 degree of an award of a 2.1标准或以上. Alongside the qualification, enthusiasm, skill 而且 knowledge are needed.
    • For a PhD or a Master’s in jdb电子官方网站 (MRes), entry requirements may be higher. You need a master’s degree to study at a doctorate (Phd) level.
    • If you want to become a PhD student, you will need to create a research prop.


    Similar to UK students, you can apply for more than one course. But you will have to pay an application fee for each course you apply for. It’s advisable to apply for more than one course, to improve your chances of being accepted.

    How much are postjdb电子官方网站生 fees for international students in the UK?

    国际学生的课程价格各不相同. 你需要检查每一个课程,看看有什么不同. 看一看 jdb电子官方网站的课程 了解更多.